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Benefits for authors

One of the biggest problems for authors, specially new authors, is marketing the book they have just finished. This is where we help.

This website can help you sell ebooks on Amazon, and also outside of Amazon.

This website can help you gain newsletter subscribers. is the newest way for readers to find your books by theme or even scenes.

Our intelligent book search engine can read your book, analyse the theme and scenes, and whenever someone searches for something which your book has, then our book search engine recommends your book to the reader!

A reader might want a book which has a scene with a man on a bike, and if your book has it, then our search engine will recommend the book to the reader!

How to get your book listed in our intelligent book search engine?

There are two ways of doing this, and both are free for authors to use.

Authors with a single book

If you only have a single book, and you cannot give away the book for free, even then we got you covered!

Login and open the For Authors section. Click the Create free AD, and then simply follow the on screen instructions to create a free advertisement for your book.

You need not pay anything, not now, not ever, and your book gets a free advertisement. It's a win win for you!

Author of a series of books

This is by far the better way to promote your books online. You can get sales of your books in the series, and you can even get new newsletter subscribers!

Suppose if you have written a series, and have a total of two or three books in the series.

Simply upload any one of those books on this website, on shareware basis, and add your Amazon links in the listing to buy the entire set, the complete series.

People will read that one book online here, and if they find it interesting enough, they will buy the entire series set from you on Amazon or wherever you are selling it.

Along with your Amazon etc links, you can even add links to your newsletter subscription page, links to your website, and wherever else you are selling your books.

This is a win win for you. You get newsletter subscribers, and you get to sell your books!


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