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Over 100,000 free books, new and classics!

Over 100,000 free books from popular authors to read and review!

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This is not a regular book search where simply book title and author name is matched. This is AI powered book theme finder! It can suggest you a book to read based on the theme of the book.

You might want a particular scene in the book, simply enter important keywords related to that scene, and the AI book finder can suggest you a book which has that scene!

You might want to read about fight inside pyramids, or about murder in a hotel, or about Boy with wolves, or about Girl lost on island, or just about anything else. Simply enter those terms in the search box and hit FIND button

The AI powered ebook theme finder will suggest you books which are similar to that particular theme!

Don't know what to name your book characters? Find a character name here. I got over 21,000 names for you to choose from!

Publisher vocabulary

    1. To divert or amuse; to make merry. They could disport themselves. Buckle. 2. To remove from a port; to carry away. Prynne.
    A white amorphous horny substance forming the harder part of the outer integument of insects, crustacea, and various other invertebrates; entomolin.
    Pronounced with the h sound or with audible breath. But yet they are not aspirate, i. e., with such an aspiration as h. Holder.
    The show of an intention to inflict evil; a threat or threatening; indication of a probable evil or catastrophe to come. His commands, his rebukes, his menaces. Milman. The dark menace of the distant war. Dryden. (more info) acis, projecting,
    Having no tone; unmusical.
    A fold of the dura mater which separates the cerebellum from the cerebrum and often incloses a process or plate of the skull called the bony tentorium.
    Of another sort. "Another-gates adventure." Hudibras.

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