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Exile (Patterson novel)Exile is a political thriller by Richard North Patterson, published in 2007, which engages the Israeli–Palestinian conflict through a fictional trial for an accused Palestinian political assassin being defended by her former lover, a Jewish-American lawyer. The novel explores the multitude of religious, social and historical factors that have created the volatile nature of the conflict.


David Wolfe is a Jewish lawyer with a fiancee, a reliable job and soon to become a congressman. When he receives a phone call from Hana, an Islamic women he had a secret affair with back in Harvard, he is set on a thrilling series of events. He finds out that the Prime Minister of Israel is assassinated in San Francisco by two suicide bombers, one who failed to do the deed implicates Hana the women he loves as the mastermind of the deed. He rushes to her defense destroying his old life for the woman. His travels soon take him all over the Holy Land in search of answers to the conspiracy.

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