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The arrangement and connection of words in a sentence; syntactical arrangement. Some particles . . . in certain constructions have the sense of a whole sentence contained in them. Locke. 4. The method of construing, interpreting, or explaining a

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The arrangement and connection of words in a sentence; syntactical arrangement. Some particles . . . in certain constructions have the sense of a whole sentence contained in them. Locke. 4. The method of construing, interpreting, or explaining a declaration or fact; an attributed sense or meaning; understanding; explanation; interpretation; sense. Any person . . . might, by the sort of construction that would be put on this act, become liable to the penalties of treason. Hallam. Strictly, the term signifies determining the meaning and proper effect of language by a consideration of the subject matter and attendant circumstances in connection with the words employed. Abbott. Interpretation properly precedes construction, but it does not go beyond the written text. Parsons. Construction of an equation , the drawing of such lines and figures as will represent geometrically the quantities in the equation, and their relations to each other. -- Construction train , a train for transporting men and materials for construction or repairs. (more info) 1. The process or art of constructing; the act of building; erection; the act of devising and forming; fabrication; composition. 2. The form or manner of building or putting together the parts of anything; structure; arrangement. An astrolabe of peculiar construction. Whewell.

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    One who deranges.
    The act of deranging or putting out of order, or the state of being deranged; disarrangement; disorder; confusion; especially, mental disorder; insanity. Syn. -- Disorder; confusion; embarrassment; irregularity; disturbance; insanity;
    is from the strong verb, AS. scieppan, scyppan, sceppan, p. p. 1. To form or create; especially, to mold or make into a particular form; to give proper form or figure to. I was shapen in iniquity. Ps. li. 5. Grace shaped her limbs, and
    Disordered; especially, disordered in mind; crazy; insane. The story of a poor deranged parish lad. Lamb.
    One who advocates a constitutional form of government; a constitutionalist.
    Clothed in, or adorned with, tissue; also, variegated; as, tissued flowers. Cowper. And crested chiefs and tissued dames Assembled at the clarion's call. T. Warton.
    1. The act or process of constituting; the action of enacting, establishing, or appointing; enactment; establishment; formation. 2. The state of being; that form of being, or structure and connection of parts, which constitutes and characterizes
    1. The act of organizing; the act of arranging in a systematic way for use or action; as, the organization of an army, or of a deliberative body. "The first organization of the general government." Pickering. 2. The state of being organized; also,
    One who misconstrues.
    A body of constituents, as the body of citizens or voters in a representative district.
    1. To form into a whole by uniting its parts; to frame; to construct; to build; as, to fabricate a bridge or ship. 2. To form by art and labor; to manufacture; to produce; as, to fabricate woolens. 3. To invent and form; to forge; to
    Causing distortion.
    1. One who shapes; as, the shaper of one's fortunes. The secret of those old shapers died with them. Lowell. 2. That which shapes; a machine for giving a particular form or outline to an object. Specifically; A kind of planer in which the tool,
    One who fabricates; one who constructs or makes. The fabricator of the works of Ossian. Mason.
    1. Well-formed; having a regular shape; comely; symmetrical. T. Warton. Waste sandy valleys, once perplexed with thorn, The spiry fir and shapely box adorn. Pope. Where the shapely column stood. Couper. 2. Fit; suitable. Shaply for to
    1. To put out of place, order, or rank; to disturb the proper arrangement or order of; to throw into disorder, confusion, or embarrassment; to disorder; to disarrange; as, to derange the plans of a commander, or the affairs of a nation.
    Manner of organization; the arrangement of the different tissues or parts of animal and vegetable organisms; as, organic structure, or the structure of animals and plants; cellular structure. 5. That which is built; a building; esp., a building
    1. To turnanother way; to divert. Let's follow him, and pervert the present wrath. Shak. 2. To turn from truth, rectitude, or propriety; to divert from a right use, end, or way; to lead astray; to corrupt; also, to misapply; to misinterpret
    1. The structure of anything; the manner in which the parts of a thing are united; workmanship; texture; make; as cloth of a beautiful fabric. 2. That which is fabricated; as : Framework; structure; edifice; building. Anon out of the earth a fabric
    One who fabricates; a manufacturer. Simmonds.
    Imperfect, disproportionate, or abnormal formation; ill form; disproportion of parts.
    Thickest in the middle, and tapering to both ends; fusiform; -- applied chiefly to roots. (more info) 1. Having the shape of a spindle.
    Shaped like a diamond or rhombus.
    Shaped like a strap; ligulate; as, a strap-shaped corolla.
    Not fabricated; unwrought; not artificial; natural.
    British or British colonial architecture of the period of the four Georges, especially that of the period before 1800.
    1. The act of deforming, or state of anything deformed. Bp. Hall. 2. Transformation; change of shape.
    Subulate. See Subulate. Gray. (more info) 1. Shaped like an awl.
    Shaped like a sword; ensiform, as the long, flat leaves of the Iris, cattail, and the like.
    A person whose occupation is to construct ships and other vessels; a naval architect; a shipwright.
    Inversely ovate, with a deep hollow on each side. Gray.
    1. The act or process of resolving the constituent parts of a compound body or substance into its elementary parts; separation into constituent part; analysis; the decay or dissolution consequent on the removal or alteration of some of


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