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Word Meanings - TRIDIAPASON - Book Publishers vocabulary database

A triple octave, or twenty-second. Busby.

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    1. Immediately following the first; next to the first in order of place or time; hence, occuring again; another; other. And he slept and dreamed the second time. Gen. xli. 5. 2. Next to the first in value, power, excellence, dignity,
    A military headdress or cap, used in the British army. It is of fur, with a bag, of the same color as the facings of the regiment, hanging from the top over the right shoulder.
    Having three heads; three-headed; as, the triple-headed dog Cerberus.
    1. Consisting of three united; multiplied by three; threefold; as, a triple knot; a triple tie. By thy triple shape as thou art seen. Dryden. 2. Three times repeated; treble. See Treble. 3. One of three; third. Shak. Triple crown, the crown,
    Having three crowns; wearing the triple crown, as the pope.
    Of the rank or degree below the best highest; inferior; second- rate; as, a second-class house; a second-class passage.
    Havingthree principal operative parts or motions, so as to produce a three-fold effect.
    One who seconds or supports what another attempts, affirms, moves, or proposes; as, the seconder of an enterprise or of a motion.
    In the second place.
    The power of discerning what is not visible to the physical eye, or of foreseeing future events, esp. such as are of a disastrous kind; the capacity of a seer; prophetic vision. he was seized with a fit of second-sight. Addison. Nor less availed
    Three verses rhyming together. (more info) 1. A collection or combination of three of a kind; three united.
    twintich, OS. tw, D. & LG. twintig, OHG. zweinzug, G. zwanzig, Goth. 1. One more that nineteen; twice; as, twenty men. 2. An indefinite number more or less that twenty. Shak. Maximilian, upon twenty respects, could not have been the man. Bacon.
    Having the power of second-sight. Addison.
    An edible fish found in the warmer parts of all the oceans, and common on the southern and middle coasts of the United States. When living it is silvery gray, and becomes brown or blackish when dead. Its dorsal and anal fins are long, and extend
    The first two stanzas of a sonnet, consisting of four verses each; a stanza of eight lines. With mournful melody it continued this octave. Sir P. Sidney. Double octave. See under Double. -- Octave flute , a small flute, the tones of which range
    1. Not original or primary; received from another. They have but a secondhand or implicit knowledge. Locke. 2. Not new; already or previously or used by another; as, a secondhand book, garment. At second hand. See Hand, n., 10.
    Possessing some quality, or having been subject to some operation , in the second degree; as, a secondary salt, a secondary amine, etc. Cf. primary. (more info) 1. Suceeding next in order to the first; of second place, origin, rank, rank, etc.;
    Of the second size, rank, quality, or value; as, a second-rate ship; second-rate cloth; a second-rate champion. Dryden.
    The state of being secondary. Full of a girl's sweet sense of secondariness to the object of her love. Mrs. Oliphant.
    The second part in a concerted piece.
    Containing one part of eight; having the ratio of one to eight. Bp. Wilkins.
    The quantity of electricity delivered in one hour by a current whose average strength is one ampère. It is used as a unit of quantity, and is equal to 3600 coulombs. The terms Ampère minute and Ampère second are sometimes similarly used.
    Being one of thirty-two equal parts into which anything is divided. Thirty-second note , the thirty-second part of a whole note; a demi-semiquaver.


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